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Premier Provider of Office Furniture

Office furniture Dallas / Ft. Worth and the continental USA.

Continental Office Group is a premier provider of secondhand office furniture. Preowned office furniture is fully cleaned, inspected and in some cases refurbished before being sold. All items in our catalog range from good condition to like new, and all are available for a fraction of the original cost.

More Cubicles in Stock Than Any Other Competitor

Used & Refurbished CubiclesWhen it comes to used cubicles & refurbished cubicles, you simply won’t find another seller of office furniture that has more in stock. Our warehouses have over 20,000 square feet dedicated to storing nothing but cubicles. They are available in just about any size, shape, color, material, configuration or design you could possibly want.


    In fact, our stock of used cubicles is so large that we can fulfill custom requests.
  • Choose from over 60 different color schemes.
  • Pick a cubicle of any size and for any number of workers.
  • Choose any type of wall material, including glass.
  • Add power adapters or data ports as needed.

And most importantly, we can adjust the storage capabilities in dozens of different ways. Whether you need shelving or filing cabinets or even hooks, we can customize the storage of your cubicle to match those needs. No other provider of preowned office furniture can offer even a fraction of these customization options.

What Makes Up a Cubicle?

Customize Your Cubicles

Looking to buy cubicles but unsure exactly what you need?  We can help!  Please take a few minutes and fill out our Quick Cube Questionnaire.  Once we receive it we will contact you and provide you with the best cubicle options for you.

Enormous Inventory



Our massive stock of cubicles is just the beginning of our even larger stock of used office furniture. We literally have thousands of tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, and lamps as well. Just like with our cubicles, a large stock means that we can offer almost unlimited options. When you shop at Continental Office Group for secondhand office furniture, you have at least as many options, if not more, than when you shop for brand new office furniture.

Excellent Services

Shopping for preowned office furniture and need some help installing it? Continental Office Group has you covered. We offer the following additional services:

  • Cubicle Installation and Delivery – Not only will we deliver your cubicles directly to your office, our office cubicle technicians can install them on the same day as delivery.
  • Business Moving and Relocation – Moving to a new office? We make moving and setting up in the new building easy.
  • Office Furniture Storage – Need to put some office furniture in storage? We offer storage capacity at a competitive price.
  • Space Planning / Design – Our interior design and office install technicians can help you plan your building layout to work with your new office furniture and optimize your work space.