5×5 Cubicles

The most basic configuration of workstation cubicles, the 5’x5’ setup is the most space efficient managerial cubicle solution. It is the smallest size cubicle that offers the curved desk workspace for more work surface area so that you can set up your computers comfortably. Options such as electrical distribution, various forms of storage and shelving, task lights, tack boards, keyboard trays and center drawers are available on this cubicle set-up.
Interior Cubicle Dimensions: 5’ x 5’
Exterior Cubicle Dimensions: 5’4’’ D x 5’6’’ W x 53’’ H
Privacy Rating: Medium

Built to last the 5’x5′ single cubicle combines high-quality approved materials with reasonable prices. It is precisely designed with a wide curved desk for more workspace and added aesthetic feature. The 5′ x5 workstation is ideally sized to offer adequate privacy without compromising the feel of an open-plan office. Optional cubicle accessories such as storage options, electrical distribution, task lights, tack boards, keyboard trays, pedestals, center drawers, and various fabrics, work surfaces and trims may also be selected.

Used 5x5 Cubicles