6×6 Cubicles

6×6 Cubicles

A very popular and common workstation cubicle configuration, provide a curved work surface and fits well into most managerial workstation floor plans. This cubicle configuration offers enough space for computer use, file management and writing purposes.  The height of 6×6 cubicles varies with options starting at 42″ tall to 80″ tall.  With 53″ high cubicle walls, they are tall enough to provide privacy while seated but short enough to provide face-to-face communication while standing.  Additional heights allow for increased privacy.  Options such as electrical distribution, various forms of storage and shelving, task lights, tack boards, keyboard trays and center drawers are available on this cubicle set-up.
Interior Cubicle Dimensions: 6’ x 6’
Exterior Cubicle Dimensions: 12’6’’ D x 6’6’’ W

The 6’x 6′ cubicle workstation is a great solution for office workers who need an open office layout for collaborative work but not the 4 walls a private office provides.  6×6 cubes come in a variety of heights and levels like:

  • 6x6x42
  • 6x6x53
  • 6x6x67
  • 6x6x80

6×6 cubicles are available with glass toppers which allow for better eyesight and increased collaboration. You can also find hi/lo versions which include both tall and short walls. As with any cubicle we sell we can add products to make your workday even easier like: cubicles, desks and office chairs, file cabinets, office desks, and miscellaneous office accessories.

Every used 6′ x 6′ cubicle we offer for sale is cleaned, inspected and any necessary repairs are made to return them to a very good condition state before placing them on our sales floor.
6x6 Cubicles