Quick Cube Thank You

Thank you for submitting our Quick Cube Questionnaire. In order to properly provide you with the best options and price please review the following and be prepared to discuss these topics during our follow up: Office space – We need to understand the size of the office the cubicles will be residing in. If possible have some general measurements or obtain a copy of the floor plan. Budget – As much as everyone doesn’t like to talk about money, understanding what your budget is can really allow us to pin-point your best options. Work environment – How does the office work? Is it an open environment, do you have a high need for privacy? How many people will need cubicles? Does management need to visibly be able to monitor them? Employee needs – How much storage space is needed (include filing as well as supplies/accessories)? Will there be desktop computers or laptops? Is there a need for lots of power, data, a corner work surface, keyboard tray or tack boards? How deep would you like the work surfaces to be? Aesthetics – Tell us about your the style of your current office or if you have a new look in mind. Additional needs – Do you need seating with the cubicles? How about tables for the break room, file cabinets or accessories for a private office? We can often times reduce your costs on other items significantly when they are all ordered together. Time schedule – Tell us your timeframe for the new office furniture. We offer nationwide shipping, installation, configuration and design services so we can help you throughout the entire process.