SOLD Teknion Boulevard 6×6 Cubicles

THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD!  You can still request information and we will see if we can find more of this product or we will recommend a product we have in stock. Does your business need a highly configurable, functional, and affordable cubicle system? These Teknion Boulevard cubicles are the answer. The come with our lowest price guarantee which means you pay the lowest price, GUARANTEED, and we can ship them anywhere in the USA and install them as well. Click the “Get A Quote” button, call or visit with one of our customer certified office furniture experts in our Dallas area showroom today.

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Secondhand Teknion Cubicles

An affordable, versatile panel cubicle system, Teknion’s Boulevard® is easy to install and reconfigure. Made with highly functional individual components, the Boulevard cubicle system can easily respond to any growing organization needs.

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