Herman Miller AO2 Cubicles 6×6 Low Wall

Perfect for collaboration areas these Herman Miller AO2 low wall cubicles come with our low price guarantee and nationwide shipping.  We can install these cubicles quickly and configure them to meet your office space needs.

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Used Low Wall Herman Miller AO2 Cubes


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Cubicle Power

Each cubicle has an option to come with or without electrical power.

Secondhand Low Wall Cubicles

Trying to solve the issues of cost, durability and flexibility?  Then the Herman Miller AO2 cubicle system is perfect for you.

Save Money – Our low price guarantee means you won’t find a better deal on AO2 cubicles from Herman Miller than here.  We deliver nationwide and install as well.

Durability – The Action Office 2 (AO2) is a durable, well-built workstation system that provides a solid R.O.I. for your business.  Full-length, rigid steel connectors are the key to Action Office’s strength and durability.

Flexibility – No cubicle is easier or quicker to install and reconfigure than the AO3 and it only takes two tools and one person.