Pre-Owned Office Furniture

We offer clients brand name and top of the line office chairs at a fraction of the retail cost. All our inventory is rigorously inspected to ensure it is of the finest quality and in tip top shape. Continental Office Group’s professional sales consultants are standing by to assist you in finding the perfect office chairs for your workspace. For help and more information give us a call! [one_third_narrow textalign=”left”]


Brand name workstations at a fraction of the retail price. We never compromise on the features that a quality office cubicle should have, such as ergonomics, appearance, soundproofing and functionality. [/one_third_narrow] [one_third_narrow_mid textalign=”left”]


Our Desk Sets combine beauty and quality to give you a desk that you’ll enjoy for years and years to come! We offer integrated desk set solutions that combine with other systems and stand alone solutions as well. [/one_third_narrow_mid] [one_third_narrow_last textalign=”left”]


Ergonomic office chairs offer support by guiding your body into the proper seating position. Browse our collection of office seating inventory to find precisely what you need. [/one_third_narrow_last] [one_third_narrow textalign=”left”]


As a cornerstone of the office, the conference table is a very important meeting place & focal point, therfore it is crucial that your table be both pleasing on the eye and extremely durable. [/one_third_narrow] [one_third_narrow_mid textalign=”left”]

Files & Shelving

We offer filing cabinets and shelving that are sleek, neat and can be an island of calm in a sea of creative chaos. Filing cabinet sizes are varied enough to fit unobtrusively in the corner, line a wall, or double as dividers or counter tops. [/one_third_narrow_mid] [one_third_narrow_last textalign=”left”]


Help your employees recharge and give your guests a comfortable place to relax with our quality lounge furniture. [/one_third_narrow_last]