5 Things to Consider When Buying a File Cabinet

Buy Used File Cabinets HereIf you’re in the market for a file cabinet, you may want to factor in a few considerations before you make that next purchase. Many times people will get their file cabinet and realize its missing something essential that they didn’t think about beforehand. Here are a few points to consider in helping you get the file cabinet that will work perfectly with your home or office needs.


File cabinets can vary from about $20 at Staples, Target or other stores that sell basic, light weight versions, to more expensive models that may have a wood finish, locks and other features like fire resistant materials. An alternative to buying new but getting high quality products is to buy from a used office furniture store where many times a major brand file cabinet that can cost hundreds of dollars new is available for sale at a fraction of the price.

Custom Design or Store Brand

Another factor is the material itself. Do you want a wood cabinet or metal? Are you looking for a custom finish that will match other furnishings, or a basic metal file cabinet that will hold general documents? Do you want a new, more expensive cabinet, or used cabinets to fit all your work spaces? Need help deciding?

Style Filing cabinets can be upright and vertical with stacking cabinets that slide out, or they can be lateral where the have more depth and space. To decide on the size and style, you may want to measure the space where you want the file cabinet to go. With the larger, lateral file cabinets, you can include 8 ½ x 14 paper documents, as well as 8 ½ x 11 standard letter and folder documents.


With the size of your cabinet, there may also be ample room on top if you want additional storage space for additional files, a lamp, printer or other areas to work in conjunction with your home or work office space.

Other Considerations

Another key point to consider is how long you want to store your documents. Generally, some businesses may want to keep tax records and bank receipts for up to seven years, so depending on the type of file cabinet you have, you may want to invest in a cabinet that’s water and fire resistant. For example, is the file cabinet directly under a bathroom or kitchen? While no one wants to think about fires, floods or other hazards, where you have your documents stored may come into play in the long run.

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