office furniture resale
Even if the workspace desperately needs an update, investing astronomical amounts of money on new office furniture is difficult. After all, the increase in productivity that new office furniture fosters may not be worth the cost for many small business owners. However, buying new budget furniture often comes back to haunt those who make the mistake of purchasing it. Cheap furniture wears like a cheap suit–it looks great for a few months until it starts to come apart at the seams. If new premium furniture is too expensive and new cheap furniture will fall apart, what option does that leave businesses with? Premium office furniture resale By tapping the premium office furniture resale market, you can outfit your office in furniture that will stand the test of time while not breaking the bank.

Buying Used is Cost-Efficient

When you drive a new car off of the dealership lot, it loses its value. The average new vehicle loses 30-40% of its value during the first year of ownership. Even if you keep the car in like-new condition, depreciation will take its toll. office furniture resaleLike the new car market, buying new office furniture unnecessarily costs you money as soon as you purchase it and try to sell it in the future. But buying used furniture eliminates much of that depreciation factor. Instead of your business paying the premium for stickers and tags, the previous owners do.

Buying Used Furniture Lasts

Buying cheap new furniture may seem appealing, but replacing it in three years will double its cost. When you factor in the inevitable replacement of cheap furniture, its price tag stops appearing to be so attractive. Buying quality used office furniture is an investment that stands the test of time. Instead of buying cheaply made goods, you can get natural wood, metal, and quality craftsmanship. Using the office furniture resale market can provide your business with quality and longevity that cheap new furniture cannot match.

Buying Used is Environmentally Friendly

When businesses do not go to the trouble to sell their used furniture, it often ends up in a landfill. Even if the furniture is in like-new condition and still has years of useful life left, quality used furniture still ends up in the garbage. By buying used furniture, you prevent such unnecessary waste.

Sourcing Quality Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture resale is the intelligent, informed choice for any business that needs to update or outfit their office without breaking the bank. At Continental Office Group, we provide you with the quality used office furniture you need, including:
  • High-quality furniture for incredible prices
  • Rapid turnaround on furniture delivery
  • An impressive online selection
  • A massive office furniture warehouse for in-person shopping
We go a step further to help you plan what your office space will look like with free CAD layout design services. Instead of hoping for the best once your furniture arrives, we can help you choose the best furniture for your unique needs and office layout. Click here to take advantage of our free CAD layout design services and start rejuvenating your office.