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Allsteel Trooper High Back Chairs

Allsteel Trooper High Back chairs

When comfort needs to last and last and last the solution is the Allsteel Trooper chairs.  Designed to stand tall regardless of the body type or the type of work being done we have these Trooper chairs in stock and priced to ship anywhere in the USA now.  Call, click or visit with one of our […]

Herman Miller AO3 6×7.5×69″

Used Herman Miller AO3 6×7.5×69″ Cubicles

When Robert Propst designed the system, he was aware that the office environment was changing and required a system that provided easy and ongoing revision. Its durability, low initial cost, and ability to be reconfigured and updated easily add up to savings as you maintain an effective office space.  Herman Miller supports these cubicles with a 12-year/3-shift […]

Steelcase Drive Chairs


One must think comfort when sitting in a Steelcase Drive chair.  With multiple adjustments all geared to providing support and comfort throughout the workday it is easy to see why the Steelcase Drive chair is one of the most popular office chairs on the market.  Click the “Get A Quote” button, call or visit our […]

Hon Stack Chairs

Used Hon Stack Chairs

Multi-use is an understatement when it comes to these used Hon stacking chairs, simply put they can be used anywhere and deliver the goods on top of it.  We have them in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the USA now.  Call, click the “Get A Quote” button or visit us in our Dallas […]

Herman Miller Resolve Cubicles

Secondhand Resolve Cubicles by Herman Miller

Solving workplace problems is what we do. When sweeping changes were taking place, we realized it was time to re-solve some critical issues. The result was Resolve, a human-centered system that lets people work effectively in the office space. Its smart structure creates open, inviting, space-efficient workstations where people feel comfortable and connected. It creates the […]