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Knoll Morrison Cubicles Hi / Lo

Used Knoll Morrison Cubicles Hi/Lo COG-KnollM-86

Morrison offers two distinct planning modes, panel-based and freestanding, to create integrated, high-performance environments for the open plan. A simple vocabulary of universal components — including panels, worksurfaces and storage — easily combines to plan an array of functional spaces, from private offices and personal workstations to meeting areas and reception desks. Features: Proven Design […]

Knoll Dividends Cubicles

Knoll Dividends Cubicles

Knoll Dividends offers a full portfolio of easily reconfigurable panel and benching options, as well as private office furniture and a full complement of tables and storage. Designed to embrace organizational change, Dividends is functionally and aesthetically flexible, creating dynamic spaces that evolve with your company. Features: Extensive Power and Data Capability Designed to Expand Seamless […]

Knoll Dividends Horizon® Cubicles 6x6x53″

knoll dividend cubicles

Storage options in Dividends Horizon synthesize with Template, Calibre. and Series 2 to satisfy all storage requirements. Technology infrastructure designed to make future add-ons simple. Five different electrical system options to accommodate any power need. Consistent visual language and refined details across a broad range of both panel-supported and freestanding components. Frame-and-tile panel system designed with expansion in […]

Knoll Wooden Guest Chairs Ricchio Collection

Used Knoll Wooden Guest Chairs Ricchio Collection

These used KnollStudio® Ricchio Chairs are a pragmatic and dependable seating choice for any space. From the effortless aesthetic and traditional inspired construction to the versatility as a side chair, guest chair, break room or lobby chair or even as a conference room chair these chairs are a perfect solution for many seating problems.

Herman Miller AO2 6×6 Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO2

Our Used Herman Miller AO2 Cubicles are an evolving system that is never obsolete. The scale is lightened and given a clean, inviting look with new approaches. A thin base option (with quick-connect base power) installs with no tools. Enhanced glazed panels (glazed, partial-glazed, stacking glass, and door) have a clean aesthetic with minimized glazing […]

Steelcase Answer Cubicles Call Station

Used Steelcase Answer Cubicles Call Station

A perfect call center station these Steelcase Answer cubicles are fully re-manufactured to like new condition and come with our lowest price guarantee.  We ship these from our Dallas area warehouse which means they can reach either coast or in-between usually within a few days.

Herman Miller 6×8 Cubicles Workstations


Product Story -Herman Miller Action Office cubicle systems are summed up in three words, evolution and intelligent design.  With our lowest price guarantee Action Office cubicles provide economic value by virtue of simple specs, configuration and management.  We have these in stock now and offer nationwide shipping, installation, configuration and design services.