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Kimball Cetra Cubicles 6x6x53

Used Kimball Cetra Cubicles

Kimball Cetra has been proactively adopting and developing sustainability practices for over 40 years. Over time, Kimball Cetra has made continual progress as a responsible steward of resources and an agent of sustainable change in the office environment.  Features: Sustainability Adaptability Earth-friendly We ship anywhere in the USA, guaranteed.

Kimball Cetra Workstations with Glass

Kimball Centra Workstations

Give your employees better eye contact and a higher level of collaboration with these used 8x9x68″ Kimball cubicle workstations with glass. Attractive yet functional and priced to ship anywhere in the USA now. Click the Get A Quote button, call 214-349-3000 or visit our Dallas area showroom now.