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Herman Miller AO3 4x4x63in Cubicles

Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles for sale

Now Available!! BEAUTIFUL 4x4x63″ Herman Miller Cubicles! Each station comes with an overhead, tasklight, file/file pedestal and 30″ deep work surfaces. We also offer delivery anywhere in the United States

Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles

Herman Millers Action Office cubicle systems provide a return on investment through durability, low cost, and the ability to reconfigure and update easily. These cubicles are in great condition and priced to move today. Call, click or visit our Dallas area showroom now.

Herman Miller AO3 6×6 With Glass

used herman miller a03 cubicles

We have these Herman Miller AO3 cubicles in stock now and they are priced to ship to your office today! These are available in 6x6x56″ & 6x6x67″, with glass and every unit can come with or with out power. Take advantage of our lowest price guarantee!  Space saving, durable, interchangeable components, highly configurable are design principles […]

Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles

Herman Miller Workstations

The AO3 cubicle system has proven to be just as functional, configurable and reliable as the other Action Office cubicle series.  These AO3 cubicles are remanufactured to like new condition and come with our lowest price guarantee.  Click the “Get A Quote” button, call or visit our Dallas area showroom today for your lowest price, […]

Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles 6×6 Low Wall

Used Herman Miller A03 Cubicles 6

From the 1960’s to today the Herman Miller Action Office (AO) series cubicles have set the standard for office systems furniture.  We have the AO3 low wall cubicles in stock and priced to ship to your office tomorrow.  Everything you expect from a Herman Miller cubicle is here, functionality, flexibility, aesthetics, design and features.  Contact […]

Herman Miller AO3 6×7.5×69″

Used Herman Miller AO3 6×7.5×69″ Cubicles

When Robert Propst designed the system, he was aware that the office environment was changing and required a system that provided easy and ongoing revision. Its durability, low initial cost, and ability to be reconfigured and updated easily add up to savings as you maintain an effective office space.  Herman Miller supports these cubicles with a 12-year/3-shift […]