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Steelcase Avenir Cubicles

Used Steelcase Avenir Low Wall Cubicles

Innovative worksurface shapes add aesthetic interest, while moving the user out of the corner and into the action. Avenir makes it easy to leverage your space in new ways. When your business changes, Avenir helps your work environment keep up. Features: Innovative worksurface Open frame construction Huge selection of surface material options In stock and they come with a lowest price guarantee.

Steelcase Avenir Cubicles

Secondhand Steelcase Avenir cubicles

Innovative work surface shapes add aesthetic interest, while moving the user out of the corner and into the action. Take advantage of our lowest price guarantee and save big on these Steelcase Avenir cubicles.  Fully re-manufactured to like new condition these used Avenir cubicles deliver results today and tomorrow. Features: Easy leverage Huge selection Proven performance Add chairs to these […]

Steelcase Avenir 8×8 Cubicles

used steelcase Avenir 8×8 cubicles

The Steelcase Avenir® cubicle systems offer business the flexibility to work however their business works. This flexibility and a reputation for delivering results has placed these cubicles in over 80% of Fortune 500 companies around the world. In stock with a lowest price guarantee we are ready to ship these to your office anywhere in […]

Steelcase Avenir® Cubicles 5x5x41″

Used Steelcase Avenir® Workstations

Reuse your office space in many ways with these Avenir® cubicles.  Create a more private work environment by adding panel height, or keep these as is and you’ve got a collaborative oriented office space.  Add a lateral file cabinet, a mobile pedestal and an office chair and you have a fully outfitted office ready to work […]

Steelcase Avenir® Office Cubicles 5x5x53″

Secondhand Steelcase Avenir® Office Cubicles 5x5x53″ COGKW-53

Respected and trusted by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide the Steelcase Avenir® system has proven itself as a leader in the cubicle world. Increased privacy with these high panels but can be re-configured to a more open, collaborative office plan. Add a mobile pedestal, office chair and a lateral file and you’ve increased […]

Steelcase Avenir Cubicles 5x8x65in

Used Steelcase Avenir 5x8 Cubicles

From short term seating/desk options to a lifelong employees new cubicle workstation the Steelcase Avenir is a great solution.  In stock, fully remanufactured to like brand new condition, we have them with our lowest price guarantee and of course ship nationwide, install and configure.

Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles

Herman Millers Action Office cubicle systems provide a return on investment through durability, low cost, and the ability to reconfigure and update easily. These cubicles are in great condition and priced to move today. Call, click or visit our Dallas area showroom now.

Herman Miller 6×8 Cubicles Workstations


Product Story -Herman Miller Action Office cubicle systems are summed up in three words, evolution and intelligent design.  With our lowest price guarantee Action Office cubicles provide economic value by virtue of simple specs, configuration and management.  We have these in stock now and offer nationwide shipping, installation, configuration and design services.

Herman Miller AO3 Cubicles 6×6 Low Wall

Used Herman Miller A03 Cubicles 6

From the 1960’s to today the Herman Miller Action Office (AO) series cubicles have set the standard for office systems furniture.  We have the AO3 low wall cubicles in stock and priced to ship to your office tomorrow.  Everything you expect from a Herman Miller cubicle is here, functionality, flexibility, aesthetics, design and features.  Contact […]